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    1. We like to think of romantic feelings as spontaneous and indescribable things that come from the heart. But it’s actually your brain running a complex series of calculations within a matter of seconds that’s responsible for determining attraction.

    From the TED-Ed Lesson The science…

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    People: Featuring my good friend/colleague and fellow stylist Eliezer Infante joining in on this one. You may have seen him around the ‘internets’ taken by many of our favorite street style photographers and has the job of model/photographer who have work with a lot of brands. You can look out for Eliezer for his personal work and as we prepare to work on future projects together.

    Adventure with Riudavets

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    We live in a world that, with every waking morning, is light years different that it was the day before. Modernity is amazing. Expression of self is something we’ve all come to embrace and expect. Technology has enabled us to express ourselves to anyone who will read our words, like our pictures or retweet our ramblings. We love this. Riudavets is an amazing brand you should know about.

    Adventure with Riudavets

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    It has been a productive week so far with the Project Show here in NYC, been a part of the blogger project. As well as seeing the Show is a great time to network and reunite with professionals. Day 2 of an amazing 3 days I left feeling inspired as well as wanting many outfits from most of the collections.

    Project Show

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    No headline will ever bring me as much joy as this.

    they’re trying to set us free

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    "So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality"

    Actual idol

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